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One of the best duo Amapiano producers are set to take over again as they share the tracklist of their upcoming EP titled Midnight In Sunnyside.

They package the EP with 9 tracks featuring artists like Madumane, Sizwe Alakine, Nkosanza Daughter, and a few more appearances you should check out.

The release date is officially said to be the 21st of April 2022. In announcing the project for their fans, they also released the last track titled Chipi Ke Chipi featuring Justin99.

Mellow and Sleazy have definitely taken the first quarter of the year as they set to do it again.

Mellow & Sleazy – Midnight In Sunnyside EP (Tracklist)

1. Mellow & Sleazy – Umshini Ka Zuma ft. M.J

2. Mellow & Sleazy – Macashelana ft. M.J, Lemaza & Matute Boy

3. Mellow & Sleazy – Casablanca ft. Madumane, Sizwe Alakine, Mpura Mpura

4. Mellow & Sleazy – Slatlha Matente ft. M.J, BoontleRSA & Azi

5. Mellow & Sleazy – XO ft. Young Stunna

6. Mellow & Sleazy – Bayethe ft. Nkosazana Daughter

7. Mellow & Sleazy – Ba Bize ft. Murumba Pitch, Daliwonga, Visca & Djy Biza

8. Mellow & Sleazy – Kwenzekeni ft. Azi, BoontleRSA & M.J

9. Mellow & Sleazy – Chipi Ke Chipi ft. Justin99

CmaTrends  DOWNLOAD: Mellow & Sleazy – Midnight In Sunnyside EP (Tracklist) »» CmaTrends « CmaTrends wPFWz6ygHc

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