Dre McCray “Justice For Von” Trends On Tiktok After Von McCray AZ Full Story Is Made Public.

Makeup artist Dre is a household name on social media. Her real name is Andrea McCray, wife of Von McCray.

She gained notoriety and was known as a caring wife who went to great lengths to care for her ailing husband, but the portrayal was subsequently revealed as a lie. There is so much more to this story.

To learn more about the TikTok controversy that has grabbed everyone’s attention online, read on.

Von McCray AZ full text from Tiktok: Justice for Von

Von McCray’s husband, Andrea McCray, aka Marcon, revealed Von started having seizures, which forced him to stay in bed.

Oddly, 911 and no medical staff were called, despite Andrea revealing that Feng had eight seizures in one night. She chose to live stream her husband’s convulsions online while posing as a concerned doctor.

However, the patient’s mother, Latisha Bias, revealed to the public that although Von had no known history of epilepsy, Andrea claimed she used herbal remedies to treat Von’s seizures at home.

This also happened once, when Andrea left her children in Feng’s car while running errands. Feng had another seizure, and one of her children called to tell her. Instead of rushing home, she talks to the kids on one phone and instructs them on how to treat Feng, while she starts her Livestream on the other.

Does Dre McCray’s husband Von McCray use Kratom powder?

Dr. McRae takes care of the medical needs of her family and the health of her devoted husband. However, there is no mention of using craton powder.

She even got a lot of compliments on social media for being the sole breadwinner of the family and taking such good care of her husband. However, who could have predicted that the story would take different turns, uncovering differently hidden, and triggering subtexts

Despite her husband experiencing seven seizures, Mrs. McRae chose to deal with him privately at home rather than taking him to the hospital. She made all medical decisions about Von McCray’s health based on the assessment but did not refer him to a specialist.

Following the TikTok video, some viewers claimed that Andrea had asked her spouse’s husband to stop taking his epilepsy medication.

Mrs. McRae posted on social media on May 23 to let her followers know that Feng had been in a coma for the past two weeks.

According to reports, Andrea is no longer allowed into the hospital and currently does not allow guests. According to Aunt Karen’s TikTok account, Andrea is allegedly prohibited from seeing or seeing her husband Feng in the hospital, and the ward where he is being treated has been blocked due to protesters.

Von McRae’s police report

Fong’s mother shared the police record on the restricted Facebook group Exposing Dre McCray, New Break reported. There, it was revealed that Feng did not have a seizure, but attempted suicide before falling into a coma.

According to the police complaint, Andrea stopped Feng from hanging himself in his shed and called 911.

There was a rope at the scene and there were no visible bruises or abrasions, police officers said in their report. Because she was kept in the dark and misunderstood about her son’s illness, Feng’s helpless mother claimed she heard about her son’s health through social media rather than from daughter-in-law Andrea.

As far as his health goes, von McRae remains in a coma. As it turns out, he was sent to a facility in Tucson, Arizona. Andrea also reportedly banned Feng’s parents and other family members from seeing him.

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