Dubai Girl Jumping Video, KARUNGI MONIC AKA MONA

The Internet is now buzzing with a pretty fascinating videos. As is common knowledge, many well-known celebrities and social media influencers enjoy visiting Dubai for vacations and tourism, and skydiving is a very popular attraction there. Recently, Karungi Monic aka Mona Kizz, who 24 years old and was spotted having fun in the United Arab Emirates, made a video of herself skydiving from a tower in Dubai. But regrettably, the joyous occasions descended into chaos. Follow For More Updates at Dubai Girl Jumping Video by

Dubai Girl Jumping Video, KARUNGI MONIC AKA MONA Mona Kizz

Video of Karungi Monic aka Mona Kizz Jumping Off a Dubai Skyscraper

after she declared deceased and news of her passing became popular online. Sadly, she passed away on May 1st, 2022, following the Fall. Her lungs and internal organs were unable to withstand the strain, and she lost her life and passed away. She last seen hanging over the window of a tall building while feeling quite ill, having been reported by the majority of her friends, and appearing happy. Dubai Girl Jumping Video

Death of Karungi Monic aka Mona Kizz

She was a very young social media influencer who shared amusing videos of her dancing and other hobbies. Her following was growing quickly, which was fantastic for a fresh content provider. However, they are all now sharing their pain and loss on social media. May her soul rest in peace, and please know that her family is in our thoughts and prayers. She brought to the hospital, but the physicians were unable to help because she had already passed away. Dubai Girl Jumping Video

Dubai Girl Jumping Video, KARUNGI MONIC AKA MONA Mona Liz Dubai

Who Was Mona Kizz, aka Karungi Monic? Instagram age & family

We are currently awaiting additional information on this case as the authorities and her family have not made any public statements. She was an incredibly lovely person who constantly tried to make others smile. She was also a very unique kind of person who loved to engage in adventurous activities. Currently, some people on the Internet are discussing her. They claim that she intentionally killed herself and that it was not an accident. We will return once we have more pertinent information from dependable sources, but for now, we are still waiting.

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