Dubai Porta Potty Stories Video, Dog Sleeping With Lady Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter & Reddit!

Several videos of women’s confessions were lately been trending on Twitter. There was a common video that was shared and tweeted repeatedly. The video includes a woman running behind money and she was asked a couple of questions which were answered genuinely. The video gained a lot of attention as after her confession lot of people reshared the same story and also her friends gave some updates and another side of the story. The viral Porta Potty video was about a girl who was living a lavishing life in Dubai with no degree and no education background almost made no sense.

Dog Sleeping With Girls Video

When asked about her confession was a bit disturbing and although people were keen to find out about the videos and confessions, some women and also the girl had no problem with how disturbing things they were facing to get the fame and the lavishing lifestyle they have now. In the confession, the girl said that she moved to Dubai at the weekend where she was escorted by one of her known friends and that she was then moved with some high background and rich people. She also confessed that the rich men used her to satisfy their needs and paid a lot for that.


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Dog Sleeping With Girls Video Leaked & Viral

The girl owned a luxury apartment and had an expensive car as said by her friends. The girl was seen behaving oddly in the video and said that she got used to all of it. Another woman came up with a confession that one of her introduced to all of these and that she was asked to do the same thing. Get along with the rich authorities or rich civilians of the city as they were intended to have physical relations with the girl and the girl needs to do as she is asked to. She was made to drink wine, make physical relations, sit naked, made to apply wine, human feces on her body until the men agree and are satisfied with her.

Porta Potty’s Viral Twitter Video

The news about the Porta Potty girl was given more updates after this anonymous woman’s friend had her introduced to the work and after that, she said that her friend Potty had an apartment near Newport Beach and had a 2011 CL550. All of it shocked the anonymous woman, as the girl was not even a graduate to have that amount of money. The anonymous woman after she satisfied the men was given a huge amount of money. These kinds of videos and confessions are getting a lot of attention and people are keen to find out what is this topic and if it is true? The woman on the other hand had no problem with what they are going through, which left people in shock.

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