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Easiest Way To Properly Treat A Gunshot Wound


We know that Gunshot wound, is not something we witness all the time. Most people has never have to deal with a gunshot wound, but it is important to learn what to do, or how to treat a gunshot wound, before taking that person to the hospital.

Steps On How To Treat A Gunshot Wound.

Before we go to the steps on how to treat a gunshot wound, here are things you have to do first, before treating the injured person.

1. The first and the most important thing, you should do first is to stay safe. Get to safety with the victim. The reason you have to find safety first, is because you cannot help anyone if you yourself get hurts. Also, you have to find safety in case of accidental shot.

2. The second thing you should do, is to call for Emergency. You should know the Emergency number of your country, or state, because you are to call them, before the treatment.

Now, for the steps on how to treat a gunshot wound, before taking the person to hospital for proper check up, we have ;



You can stop the bleeding by putting pressure on it. Apply direct pressure to control the bleeding. Use anything you have to handle it, they can carry on this using cloth, bandage, or gauze, and then press directly against the wound, using the palm of your hand. And also, do not forget to protect yourself with gloves, if you have any at hand. Pressure is the most important, if bloods keep on coming out, put a lot pressure on it.

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You can stop the bleeding by:

1. Use a Dressing Material. Dressing helps the blood to cloth, and seal the wound. Materials used in dressings includes;

1. Gauze. ( Bandage )

2. Towel

3. Bandage.

You can use anything you have at hand, for dressing, you can use cloth, or shirt.

2. Another way of stop the bleeding, is by the use of tourniquet, if you can. Tourniquets are device use for stopping the flow of blood. Tourniquets are great, but the need high level of practice, before using them. Note that it should be very uncomfortable, if it is correctly carried out, and maybe even painful.

Note that, If you do not have any commercial pressure, just hold the pressure, and really lean into it.

If the patient is not breathing, use CPR.

CPR means Cardiopulmoanary resuscitation. Do not be scare of the big grammar, this is what it means. ( We normally see it in movies)

CPR requires a high level of training, but in a situation like this, where it needs to be carried out immediately, here is what you should do.

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Steps on how CPR is carried out.

1. Push on the chest : Put your hands on the center of the chest. Push hard, and fast about twice per second.

2. Give Rescue Breaths : If you have had CPR training, and feel comfortable performing the steps, push on the chest for like 30 times, then give 2 rescue breath.

3. Repeat the cycle for like 30 times.

For gunshot wound, to the chest, you have to seal the wound, with some type of plastic. The reason you should seal with plastic is because, it keeps air from being sucked into the wound. And this helps to prevent the development of a collapsed lung. But, if the patient begins complaining of worsening shortness of breath, after sealing the wound, then you have to remove the seal.

Important points to take note of, when dealing with a gunshot wound.

Note that, if the gunshot wound is above the waist, do not elevate the legs, to treat the shock ( shock here means a life threatening condition, that is often caused by loss of blood) when treating a gunshot wound above the waist, do not raise the legs, unless the wound is in the arm. The reason for this is because, gunshot wound to the abdomen, and chest will bleed more quickly, once the legs are elevated, making it harder for the patient to breathe. You should also allow the conscious patient to sit or lie, in a position most comfortable for them, while the unconscious patient should be placed in a recovery position.

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Another important thing, if not the most important thing to that take note of, is that you should never give the patient anything to eat, or drink, including water.

You should not bother yourself in finding the entrance or the exit of the wound, because gunshot wound are puncture wound, that means that they are treated the same.

And finally, you are to reassure the victims. You can reassure them, by telling them everything is going to be okay, tell them that they will be find. And above all, do not forget to take the person to hospital for further checkout, thanks.

And that is where we will be stopping for this article. For more, kindly click on the red button above. We give updates on sports, health issues, entertainment and other societies news. Thanks for your time in read this, and remain blessed.

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