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Easter Eggs You Missed In Andor Season 1


In the first episode of “Andor,” viewers begin to see flashbacks to Cassian’s childhood on his home planet of Kenari. The clip shows him wearing combat gear and weapons with other residents of his village investigating a crashed ship, a mission that ultimately proves life-changing — and not necessarily in the best possible way. It’s fun to see such a young Cassian running around with a spear in hand, but if you’ve seen Rogue One, you probably expected that.

In the film, Cassian tells Jean Erso (Felicity Jones) about his long history as a freedom fighter. “I’ve been involved in this fight since I was six,” he said, emphasizing how much of his life has been spent on the run or in direct conflict with those in power. While the ship he showed investigating was not Imperial (the Empire didn’t exist at the time), “Andor” does serve as a good testament to the claim that Cassian was involved in this belligerence from an early age.


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