Elisa Esposito leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit videos, The Shape of Water

Elisa Esposito is the protagonist in the 2017 sci-fi romance film The Shape of Water, directed by Guillermo del Toro.

As the silent keeper of a secret research facility, she is determined to save him through her love for a captive amphibian named Asset. She is played by Sally Hawkins.

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Elisa Esposito was found as a baby by the river, believed to have been abandoned and raised in a Christian orphanage named after her. Discovered with three horizontal scars on each side of her neck, she remained silent for the rest of her life and communicated in American Sign Language. She lived alone in an apartment above the Orpheum Theater and worked as a cleaner in a secret government laboratory in Baltimore at the height of the Cold War.

Her friends are her withdrawn neighbor Giles, a struggling commercial artist with whom she has close ties, and her African-American colleague Zelda, a kind and loyal woman who also Acting as her translator at work.

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The facility receives mysterious creatures captured from South American rivers for research by Colonel Richard Strickland, who is in charge of the project. Elisa became curious about the creature and discovered that it was a humanoid amphibian. She begins to visit him secretly, and the two develop a close bond.

General Frank Hoyt tried to use the creature to give America an advantage in the space race, and ordered Strickland to bring it back to life.

Scientist Robert Hoffstetler — actually a Soviet spy named Dimitri Mosenkov — unsuccessfully pleaded to keep the creature alive for Further research, while his Soviet administrators ordered him to put the creature to sleep. When Elisa learns of the Americans’ plans for the creature, she convinces Giles to help her free him. Mosenkov discovers Elisa’s plans and decides to help her.

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