Eliza Trubuhovich dead and obituary, glendene shooting today

Two people were killed in the shooting in Glendon, Oakland. Video/New Zealand Herald A fundraising page has been set up to support the families of the father and daughter killed in west Auckland. Sources said her death was the second blow to the family following the recent death of another relative abroad.

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A friend of the victim named them Eliza Trubuhovich and Geoffrey Trubuhovich. A man charged with her murder will appear in Waitakere District Court this morning. The 27-year-old – linked to the headhunter gang – is also understood to have shot Eliza’s dog. A friend created a Go Fund Me page earlier today that has raised over $18,000 so far.

“All the money raised for this will go directly to El’s mother who is traveling from the Philippines,” she said. “She went there for her sister’s funeral and came home with very sad news.

“If you know El, she’s full of energy, she has the biggest heart, that’s what her father was… If you can help in any way, please donate Eliza Trubuhovich is a photographer and director freelance photographers providing visual content for brands.” and company.

She used to be an international flight attendant and owned a streetwear store in Auckland. The body was found at a house on Barrys Road in Glendene about 3pm yesterday.

The accused was at a property on the Te Atatu peninsula at 4.30pm.

The Herald has heard he surrendered “without surprise” when confronted by armed men. The family has taken to Facebook to pay tribute to the couple.

One woman said the deaths “break my heart”. “Our family will never be the same,” she said.

“Two beautiful souls just disappeared. “I love your dad so much, and it’s such a pleasure to have the opportunity to call you my father-in-law. “

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