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Lily Collins’ love life is set to get even more complicated in Season 3 of “Emily in Paris.”

At the Paley Fest panel for the show on Sunday, series creator and executive producer Darren Star announced onstage that Lucien Laviscount, who recurred in the second season of the hit Netflix comedy as the title character’s new love interest Alfie, has been promoted to a main cast member for the show’s upcoming third season and fourth seasons.

Star, Laviscount and Collins were joined on the panel by “Emily in Paris” cast members Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo and Camille Razat, as well as director and executive producer Andrew Fleming. During the panel, Star also revealed that the show is set to begin production for Season 3 this June, jokingly asking if Laviscount was free for filming.

“I’m free!” Laviscount said at the panel. “I’m pretty sure I’m free.”

The panel, which was preceded by a screening of the “Emily in Paris” Season 2 finale “French Revolution,” opened with Star being asked about filming in Paris. Coming up for the show’s third season, Star teased that the show would explore areas of France outside of Paris, similar to the Saint-Tropez holiday trip that served as a standout episode for Season 2.

“We’re always thinking about how we can show Paris,” Star said. “It’s not hard to make Paris look amazing, because it is, from wherever you look or wherever you point the camera. We will always want the story to drive locations. but we have some some really beautiful locations lined up for season three in France, not just in Paris.”

Although he remained tight-lipped about any other details for what Season 3 would look like, Star said that, while the titular heroine “always wants to do the right thing,” the increasingly convoluted love triangles she finds herself in “makes his head hurt to think about.”

Collins, who produces the show in addition to starring as Emily, said she fell in love with the character when she first read the script for her passionate approach to her career, but at the same time feels frustrated about her many mistakes and poor choices. When asked about the advice she’d give Emily in the upcoming season, Collins said she’d point to the advice that Park’s character, Mindy, gives to her in the Season 2 finale, to stop thinking about life in terms of what she “should” be doing.

“What do you want to do, what is it you want, not what other people want you to do?” Collins said. “It’s something that actually, I, myself, find myself in the same situation like, ‘oh, I should,’ and I have Mindy’s voice in my head, being like ‘stop thinking that way.’ So I’d tell her to get out of her own head.”

Throughout the panel, the cast discussed how the show has been received as a balm for people during the pandemic, especially the first season, which was filmed in 2019 before the emergence of COVID. After the panel ended Bravo, who plays Emily’s neighbor and first major love interest Gabriel, requested to say one final word, and thanked the attendees of Paley Fest for coming and showing their support. He explained that the panel was one of the first major in-person events the series has had, and one of the first opportunities the cast and crew have had to connect with their fans in person.

“I want to take this occasion while we’re all here packed together to thank you for the respect, the positive messages you’ve been sending our way, all the love,” Bravo said. “This is our fuel, and we wouldn’t be here without all of you, and it’s such a pleasure to come back to set and to give the best of ourselves, to give you something to escape to.”

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