Eminem’s Daughter Details “Surreal” Time Growing Up With Famous Dad

The real Slim Shady’s daughter is standing up—and taking the time to look back.
In the debut episode of her Just A Little Shady podcast, Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade, recalled what it was like growing up as the child of the famous rapper. As Hailie explained, “casual, normal conversations” included inviting her childhood best friend (and now co-host) Brittany Ednie, along on his tour bus whenever the “Lose Yourself” rapper traveled.
“It’s so fun to look back…thinking back as an adult, I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s so, so surreal,’” the 26-year-old said during the July 15 episode. “And those memories of me thinking those were normal things, now I look back like, ‘Holy crap, that was cool.”‘

And as Brittany put it, those instances with her BFF are ones she’ll always treasure. “‘I remember going on [Eminem’s tour bus] and all our memories of being young were so cool and unique to look back at now,” Brittany explained. “At the time, it felt so normal and not anything strange or different. We didn’t know any better.”

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