Emma Watson Photographed With New Boyfriend In Italy

Emma Watson is one of those celebrities who is tight-lipped about her romantic life, leaving those of us with too much time and shameful lurking on our hands Harry Potter Obsessed with a man she confessed to infatuation with – Tom Felton, had wild fantasies when she was a real preteen.but as little woman The actor has now been photographed hand-in-hand with British fashion prince Brandon Green several times, and it may be time for Dramione to take a break (at least for now).

Watson was first spotted in London in September 2021 with Green, the son of scandal-prone billionaire fashion tycoon Sir Philip Green, according to reports. E!information. The two were recently photographed walking hand in hand in Venice, Italy. She was wearing a red puff-sleeved tank dress, while he looked extra relaxed in baggy jeans and a baggy T-shirt. (see picture here.)

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Green’s father, Sir Philip, was the former chairman of Arcadia, the parent company of fashion retail giants such as Topshop, which went bankrupt in 2020. Philip was also charged with sexual harassment and racial abuse. E!he denied.

Following her general no-kiss-and-tell policy, Watson has not publicly commented on her putative new boyfriend or his supposedly morally questionable father.Given her irreproachable feminist sincerity (she became UN Women Goodwill Ambassador when she was only 24), I have to assume Emma Watson at least has an issue with the allegations.But as she herself once wrote in a Teen fashion Interview, “Relationships should be simple, it should all be understood implicitly, you’re just trying to get each other, it’s nonsense! Impossible!”

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