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England Descends into Chaos as Roving Gangs of Muslims Dominate the Streets, Hunt Down Hindus


Last updated on September 21, 2022

The English city of Leicester has been thrown into complete chaos as ongoing racial-religious clashes between Hindus and Muslims continue to erupt, a direct result of England’s open borders policy and far-left policing practices that have left the situation completely out of control.

Racial-religious conflict has been playing out in England for weeks, in the city of Leicester, where Britons make up only 45% of the population due to an open border policy. In Leicester, an organised attack on the city’s Hindu-Indian community has been carried out by a mob of fighting-age Muslim migrants, mainly of Pakistani descent, who have risen to confront the Islamic threat.

Clashes between Indian and Pakistani migrants erupted in Leicester following an international cricket match between the two countries’ national teams, as The National Archives reported on September 1. Leicester’s left-wing police force has been accused of taking a direct side with Muslims in these clashes and carrying out bloody slurs against Leicester’s Hindu community.

Helping to worsen the situation, Leicester police have accused Hindus of chanting anti-Muslim chants in Hindi, which police now admit never happened. Clearly, however, the accusation alone has angered the Islamic community in Leicester and other cities beyond redemption.

During the attack on Indians, Islamic migrants organized “patrols” to rule the streets. In Leicester, Britons have been warned to stay home for their own safety.

Violent Muslim migrants ‘patrol’ in Leicester, England

Islamic mobs surrounded and attacked Hindu temples and carried out raids on Hindu-Indian communities. The situation has become so dire that the governments of Pakistan and India have stepped in, which can be fully attributed to the UK’s open border policy.

“We strongly condemn the violence against the Indian community in Leicester and the destruction of Hindu sites and symbols,” the Indian High Commission wrote in a public statement, continuing to call on British authorities to “provide protection for those affected”. “

National Archives: UK streets in chaos as migrants from Pakistan and India clash

Former MP and Brexit architect Nigel Farage slammed the English government in a tweet, writing: “Almost every MP in Westminster has dealt with Leicester’s race and Religious violence is responsible. They decided to go the way of diversity and multiculturalism. Our politicians did that to our great country.”

The tweet was accompanied by video footage of the city’s violent clashes.

In the video, a third-world mob can be seen, with fighting-age men fighting to control the streets, while police stand by or try to intervene. Notably, dozens of men concealed their identities by donning coronavirus masks.

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