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WATCH: Eric Boehlert Bike Accident Train Death Video CCTV Footage Leaked On Twitter, Reddit: Recently, News has been coming out that Eric Boehlert who was an avid writer and worked in the media company has recently lost his life. He died at the age of 57. Officials announced his death cause as accidental. Eric was riding a bicycle near the Watchung Avenue Station in Montclair, NJ at around 9:50 p.m. when he was struck and killed by a Hoboken-bound NJ Transit train. He tried to stop his bicycle but it was late and he died on the spot. Follow More Update On

Eric Boehlert Bike Accident Train

The seven customers and crew members on board helped him and call the ambulance but it was already too late. Almost half of the blood was gone and his heart and brain stopped working. The oxygen will not reach the rest of his organs and unfortunately died.

Cops already started their investigation and found the main reason for the crash. They are searching for Who’s the fault in this, whether it was the driver or it was Eric or it was something else. When his passing news reached his family, his wife is very sad and cried all the time. She didn’t control her emotions.

Eric Boehlert Bike Accident Train Death Video

Through his journalism, social media, books, and appearing on CNN and MSNBC, Eric was a fierce defender of democracy, social justice, and truth in media according to his family. He was fearless and brilliant in his investigation of hypocrisies and double standards in the media and his contribution was priceless. After spreading the death news on the internet, Hillary Clinton has said, Eric Boehlert’s death is terrible news. I’m devastated for his family and friends and will miss his critical work to counteract misinformation and media bias. What a loss.

Another says, Just got the crushing news from Tracy Breslin wife of Eric Boehlert has died in a bike accident, age 57. Adored his kids Jane and Ben, his dogs, biking and running and basketball and good friends, a fierce and fearless defender of the truth.

Here’s another one, My heart was broken when I heard passing news of Eric. He was such a wonderful, brave, fearless, and courageous guy. He is never afraid of obstacles, or setbacks. In fact, he faces it. Whatever the pain his family suffered from. We are always with you and giving support to your family. Hope wherever he goes, May his soul rest in peace.

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