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Essential Apps Every Android User Must Have – No. 5 And 8 Are The Most Essential.



As an Android user, there are apps that you would need in your smartphone for a seamless usage and to get the best out of it. You’ll need apps that would help sync your files, watch movies, secure your smartphone, edit images and so many others.

Below are 8 apps, from my research, that are very essential and every Android user in 2020 should try as much as possible to have in his/her smartphone.

1. Dropbox

If you’ve been searching for an app that would help you seamlessly sync files from your phone to other portable device then search no more because Dropbox have got you covered in that aspect.

Dropbox works across the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and of course Android, which means you need never find yourself without access to an important file. You can use Dropbox to automatically back up your photos and videos to the cloud, keep that important set of PDFs with you, or take notes that sync back to your laptop.

Dropbox for Android is free or $10- $20 per month for premium plans.

2. Snapseed

I bet you haven’t heard of Snapseed. On goggle playstore, there are many photo-editing app but Snapseed stands out of the rest. It gives you access to just about every image-tweaking tool you can think of, helping you do everything from adjusting colors to removing objects. You can do intensive work tweaking the effects on a very fine level, or just slap on some filters in seconds. Despite the wealth of features, Snapseed and its tools remain straightforward to use.

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Snapseed for Android is free.

3. Evernote

Are you the type that love scribbling down something but most often atimes pen and paper are far away from your reach. Evernote covers you in this aspect. Evernote lets you scribble memos, schedules, random thoughts, and just about anything you’d want to jot down in digital form.

Where this app really excel is in organization: Evernote lets you sort all your documents into notebooks and label them with categories and custom tags so they’ll be easily searchable and accessible. It also syncs seamlessly across multiple devices.

Evernote for Android is free and $5 per month for premium plans.

4. CamScanner

CamScanner let’s you use your phone’s camera to digitalize paper documents. It can crop and enhance images in seconds, leaving you with a digital document that’s aligned and easy to read—even if your phone’s camera isn’t the best. You can join documents together, add your own annotations on top, and then share the result as a PDF or JPG.

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CamScanner for Android is free or $5 per month for premium plan.

5. Nova Launcher

Customize your Android phone’s appearance using Nova launcher. With this app, you can customize your Android phone’s appearance pixel-by-pixel in a way you can’t do with an iPhone.

Once you install Nova Launcher on your phone, it lets you add more icons to the home screen, change their size, tweak text and label settings, introduce more gesture controls, completely reskin your phone with a new theme, and much more.

Nova launcher for Android is free or $5 dollar per month for premium accounts.

6. Google podcasts

Google podcast hits a balance between simplicity and functionality. On top of playing your favorite shows, it also syncs your listening across devices—and supported devices include Google Home speakers. The interface is clean and clutter-free, so searching for and discovering new podcasts is simple. Once you subscribe to a show, new episodes download and join your queue automatically.

Google podcasts for Android is free.


According to David Nield, IFTTT let’s multiple account connect with each other. IFTTT, or If This Then That, ties together different apps: When a trigger happens in one service (“if this”), then an action results in another (“then that”). You can integrate a whole bunch of programs, including social media, web apps, hardware devices, online services, smart home platforms, and more.

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IFTTT works perfectly with on Android: You can use it to change your phone’s wallpaper every day, back up your SMS messages to email, post to multiple social networks at the same time, or switch off your Wi-Fi when you leave the house.

IFTTT for Android is free.

8. VLC Player

VLC player is the best movie, audio player you can get out there on Google play store. It can, according to designers of this app, cope with audio, video and images.

VLC Player can handle just about every file format out there. Besides simple playback, it packs in tons of other features: You can play web streams, apply subtitles, tweak sound settings via the built-in equalizer, watch videos in pop-up windows on top of other apps, stream content from computers on your local Wi-Fi network, and more.

VLC Player for Android is free.

Kindly go to Google play store, download and enjoy these apps. You can as well drop a review of these apps, if you’ve downloaded it already, or any other app you think should have made this list.

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