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Even Chaka Khan Had to Grow Into Her Most Powerful Songs – E! Online


Enter Khan’s meaty new single, “Woman Like Me,” a soulful antidote to the absence of pride she found to be plaguing today’s music. “It speaks to both sexes, and I think it speaks wisely,” Khan said, noting that she hopes men listen just as closely to the lyrics, which remind one and all that a woman “is your sister, your mother, your daughter, your girl / Better remember / It was a woman who brought you in this world.”

And while there’s never a wrong time for that message, Khan felt instantly connected when the song was brought to her by her new label, SRG-ILS Group/UMG.

“It’s a very timely song for right now,” the 69-year-old said, also emphasizing that just because the word “woman” is the title, it bears no similarities to “I’m Every Woman,” her 1978 solo debut single that became an empowerment anthem for the ages.

If “I’m Every Woman” is dessert, she added with a smile, “Woman Like Me” is dinner: “Meat and potatoes, straight up with hot sauce on it.”

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