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International University of Applied Sciences: Everything You Need to Know


The International University of Applied Sciences (IUAS) has quite a reputation in the education world, offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in fields like business administration, computer science, engineering, and management studies. But how well do you know IUAS? Is it right for you? How do you get accepted? And how much will it cost? These are just some of the many questions students have asked as they prepared to apply to IUAS; if you want to know more about one of Germany’s top-ranked universities, read on to discover everything there is to know about UAS.


Admissions Process at the International University of Applied Sciences

The International University of Applied Sciences is an open-admissions school. As long as you have a high school diploma or equivalent, you can apply for admission. If you have a prior college degree or significant work experience, that can be taken into consideration during admissions, too. Once your application has been received and processed by our staff, one of our Admissions Advisors will give you a call to discuss your application in greater detail. If there’s anything we don’t cover on your application that we should know about—like your GPA or test scores—this is where we’ll find out about it. It’s also where we start talking with you about money; tuition is typically due during our admissions process.


Tuition Costs at the International University of Applied Sciences

Tuition costs vary greatly depending on the program and course. For undergraduate courses, expect to pay between $7,000 and $30,000 per year (U.S.). Most programs also have international fees that vary by school but are generally an additional $3,000–$5,000. Once you’ve earned your degree from an international university—and earned is defined as finishing your coursework and passing with a C- or better—it’s time to think about student loans. Most students who attend overseas universities receive their degree in four years or less; however, it can take up to five years (or longer) if you don’t maintain full-time enrollment status during each academic year.


Ranking Considerations

Students who are looking for an international university should consider several factors when searching for a school. While rankings aren’t everything, they can provide a quick gauge on how well respected a school is. If you’re considering schools outside your home country, look into whether or not their degrees will be recognized at home—if you want that degree to be accredited where you live, make sure it is where you attend. The quality of your education also varies depending on what area of study you choose; while some business degrees may be transferable between different countries, engineering courses may not be able to earn accreditation in other nations. It’s important to check the accreditation and licensing regulations if possible when considering foreign universities.


Application Process at International University of Applied Sciences

To get accepted into one of the international University of Applied Science’s degree programs, you need to apply directly through them. Simply fill out an application and choose your program(s) and click submit. You can also choose if you want your application sent in (via snail mail) or submitted online. Once your application is received, a member of their admissions staff will review it along with supporting documents (if required). If you are accepted, your chosen program will let you know via email/letter/phone call with more information about the next steps. If you aren’t accepted, they have a written notification process for each applicant that gives detailed feedback about why someone wasn’t selected for acceptance in their programs.


Students & Campus

The student body at our international university is diverse and global. Most are working professionals who have transferred into our programs from other institutions. The majority of students come from Europe and Asia, with many also coming from North America, Africa, South America, and Australia. Our campuses tend to be very green spaces that provide a sense of serenity in a world that’s growing more chaotic by the day. We’re proud to say that there are no graffiti or public disturbances on campus for as long as we can remember!

Ranking of International University of Applied Sciences

The International University of Applied Sciences (IUSB) is a private, for-profit institution located in Missouri, United States. IUSB was founded in 2011 and has grown to reach up to 34,000 students. It’s accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and has an overall Niche Grade of B+ with a student retention rate of 78% after 4 years. The average starting salary for graduates from IUSB is $43,844. Of its most popular programs are Criminal Justice & Corrections, Health Professions, Psychology, Paralegal Studies, Nursing & Medical Assistant Studies. International students make up almost 20% (3,864) of its student population. Students come from 40 countries and speak over 55 languages.

Student Life at the International University of Applied Sciences

If you’re interested in studying abroad but aren’t exactly sure where, or how to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Here at our school, located in Germany, we provide an ideal location for students who are looking for a new experience. With small class sizes and a flexible schedule that allows for plenty of travel around Europe, it’s no wonder why we’re so popular among international students. We recently ranked 9th out of 35 schools (based on popularity) when it comes to foreign student enrollments. From young professionals working abroad or high school students planning their gap year before university starts up again—we have something that fits everyone.



Finding an accredited online education college that provides you with the greatest possible education is a difficult task. UI, on the other hand, has made this task simple.

You will have the best learning experience on your schedule, with many amazing students, amazing testimonies from their grads, and amazing facilities.

You can pick from over 200 courses in three packages. Each program is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information and inventions.


The frosting on the cake is affordable tuition, scholarship opportunities, and flexible payment options.


To top it off, the school’s 24/7 support team and the availability of an education counselor make this the ideal setting in which to pursue your academic aspirations.


FAQs on International University of Applied Sciences

Is the international university of applied sciences recognized as a reputable institution?


Our present study programs have all won several accreditations and honors, and IU can independently accredit new programs based on legally specified quality requirements. On the IU Accreditations & Rankings page, you’ll discover more specific information.

Is IU affiliated with any other schools?

IU has a vast international network of university partners. London South Bank University is one of these academic partners (LSBU).


Students at Indiana University have partnered with LSBU to provide dual degree programs, allowing you to earn a British degree alongside your German degree.

What other certifications does IU have?

IU International is also registered on the European Quality Assurance Register and is approved by FIBAA, ensuring the quality of teaching and materials (EQAR).



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