Expand Your 4gb Memory Card To 128gb With This Method

We are going to be educating you all how to expand your 4gb memory card to 128gb then you must follow up this ideas to make it work try not to make bad mistakes.

Step 1: Get a smart phone(Android) with a good version from phone that the version is up to version 5 and 6 upwards. Make sure your phone is charged up to 50 percent.

Step 2: you can now insert a 4gb memory card inside the Android phone, reboot up the phone check storage and see if it’s present, it should be showing 3.64GB.

Step 3: Open Your Google play store in your Android phone and download. ES exploer. Then install the app on your phone.

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Step 4: Open the downloaded app which is the (ES exploer) and follow the next steps.

Step 5: Then After opening the SD card then you see phone memory then after you open the Android data now create a new folder name.card

Step 6: det file and save it, then open this folder by text ‘Es editor’ now you see blank page, now edit the blank space and make it large .

then calculate how many mb in 128gb

128gb – 128* 1024 = 131072mb.

Now open the page where you typed”make it large” and save it after this long process you can now restart your phone.

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Lastly you will see your file details of SD card


Follow these steps and never complain of low storage or waste your money to buy a new SD card

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