Exposed! A woman from Ogun exposes the daily rituals she makes everyday for businesses to flourish

My name is Oba Favour a business woman from Ogun state. I am 33 years old. I started my business with a little cash at hand.

In the process of my business i experienced an epileptic profit meaning my profit was going ups and downs at the end of the month. I employed a sales girl who helped me to sell my goods and attributed the misfortune of my business to her.

I questioned her to know whether she was responsible for the inaccuracies of the monthly sales, but she answered with tears that she didn’t know anything about the problem apart from what i voluntarily gave to her as salary or stipend.

So i was puzzled about the profitability ratio of the business after painstakingly calculating the day to day sales of the business for 3 months without dictecting any error of omission or commission. I went for prayers from a very popular pastor in my vicinity and he told me to pay tithes in the church to curb incessant losses of profit. I left there with faith and began to pay tithes as instructed by the pastor. The profit i derives from the business from that months improved tremendously and after 3 months the situation of epileptic profit resurfaces. This time around my profitability ratio was a continuous decline. I became worried and decided to see the pastor for advice. The pastor asked me to increase my tithes and if i was paying according to the profit of the business my profit will improve I went back home and increase my tithes on every Sunday, but the situation remain the same. I was introduced by a friend to Dr Edward Solution temple, phone+2348038023229. WhatsApp++234 812 802 2587. Address No 4 Edward Street Mgbidi along Amorko village Oru west,Imo state Nigeria. As I got to the Spiritualist ,i told him about the situation of my business. The Spiritualist said i have no problem either from my father or mother side, but there is the need to sanctify my self because i have been polluted spiritually by a closed associate.

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He therefore asked me to by 3 coconut and scoop the water inside to drink after few minutes of intensive prayer. Part of the coconut water was used to sprinkle the premises of my shop. When i got to my shop the following day. My first experience was a man who came to buy different kinds of assorted drinks. I sold up to #378,000 from drinks alone. After the monthly sales i realized up to a million naira only on profit.

Infact, my shop became an influx of new customers after my encounter with the spiritualist. I have a steady increase of profit from my daily sales due to new and exciting customers who patronises me. Some of the customers called me on phone to book for goods that are sometimes not in large quantity in my shop, but i quickly went to the market and stock them before their arrival. This was how i became favoured by the grace of God. I have expanded my shop and established a new branch with two newly employed sales girls.

In case you may wish to be favoured like me. Why can’t you contact Dr Edward Solution temple for a turn around in your business. He is a real Spiritualist that only concern about your progress and not your money.

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