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Facebook Live Video Murder-Suicide – Jahmar’s Death Details Explained « CmaTrends


Bustagang Macbrother: Facebook Live Video Murder-Suicide – Jahmar’s Death Details Explained: Bustagang Mcbrother is in agony after losing his brother. This is to inform you that the brother of Bustagang Mcbrother reportedly killed himself. Yes, you heard it right. Jahmar D’angelo was the brother of Bustagang Mcbrother. Jahmar reportedly shot himself in the bathroom and passed away. Since this shocking news came out it has stirred up the people who were known to Jahmar. People are speculating the reason behind Jahmar’s deadly action. What could be the reason behind his death and is the police investigating the case or not? There are various questions that are perplexing the people. If you are seeking information about this happening then you should stick with this article for a while as the below-placed particulars have been filled with exclusive information and details extracted from ample reports. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who Is Bustagang Macbrother?

It has been cleared that the brother of Bustagang Mcbrother took his own life and he was found dead in the bathroom at Bustagang’s house. But investigators are examining every major and minor element linked with this case. Police officers have been investigating if there is any suspicious foul play in this case or not. Police have stated that this case could be a homicide case instead of a suicide case. But they have not got any evidence or lead regarding the same. Keep reading this column to fetch more information.

Bustagang Macbrother: Facebook Live Video Murder-Suicide

The news of Jahmar’s death started spreading like a wildfire after Bustagang Mcbrother’s Facebook live. Bustagang Mcbrother streamed a live video season on Facebook in which he was screaming and shouting. In the Facebook live he can be heard saying Jahmar shot himself to death in the bathroom. According to Bustagang Mcbrother, his brother also posted a status on Facebook before taking his own life. The video of Bustagang Mcbrother’s Facebook live season is showing people how he is restless due to his brother’s death.

Bustagang Macbrother: Jahmar’s Death Details Explained

Bustagang Mcbrother claimed he went to see his brother in the bathroom but he did not respond to him and a few seconds later he heard the sound of a gunshot. Then Bustagang Mcbrother broke the door of the bathroom. The real name of Bustagang Mcbrother is Marques. He used to go to Harvard University. Moreover, Marques is the father of his two beautiful kids Sa’Riyah Lawrence and Marques Jr. According to the reports, Bustagang Mcbrother came live on Facebook on 17th May 2022. Stay tuned to this page for more information and updates.


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