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Family, Colleagues, Fans Divided Over Yul Edochie’s Second Wife « CmaTrends


Family, Colleagues, Fans Divided Over Yul Edochie’s Second Wife

Without a doubt, so many tongues have continued to wag over actor, Yul Edochie’s announcement during the week that he had taken an actress Judy Austin, as his second wife.

This was after Austin had a baby boy for him. He had written on Instagram, “It is time for the world to meet my son. His name is Star Dike Munachimso Yul-Edochie. Born by my second wife, Judy Austin, and I love them so much; just as much as I love my other children.”

However, as the news went viral on social media, some of his family members have distanced themselves from his action, saying that they (family members) advised him not to take that action.

His statement on social media read in part, “So, my younger brother, Yul, just married a second wife out of the blues and Nigerians are freaking out. I get it. We were all shocked. I am a low-key type of guy and I have tried to mind my own business but this circus is chasing me around too.

“I see two main problems here. His first wife, Mary, a wonderful woman and my sister-in-law, did not go into a relationship with my brother agreeing to be part of a polygamous marriage. I feel for Mary. It is not fair on her. My family is not in support. This is not what we do and we are trying our best to console Mary.

“The second issue is that Yul is not a Muslim. If he were a Muslim, no one would be talking about this.

“We told Yul not to do it. He did it anyway. Have you ever tried controlling an adult when it comes to relationships? Good luck with that. Yul is an adult who feels marrying a second woman is the best way to own up to his mistakes and make things right. It took a lot of courage for him to do this too.

“If the average person walks in Yul’s shoes for one year, they would get five or more women pregnant. So, don’t be quick to judge if you have not lived that life. Most people will do worse.”

Another brother, Linc, also hinted that he did not follow Yul to marry a second wife. Responding to a question from a fan, with the username @angry_talksO1, who asked him if he ‘followed’ Yul to marry a second wife, Linc said, “Please, don’t ‘piss’ me off. I was not there.”

Seemingly unmoved by the backlash that greeted his announcement, Yul took to social media on Friday, April 29, 2022, to write, “So, I can break the Internet like this? So, I can get over 60,000 comments on one post? But, I act in films and give Hollywood performances since (sic) but no one sends me. Despite having the best voice, no one sends (sic) me. I have been a strong voice for the people, been an activist, I did #EndSARS; (yet), you people did not send me (sic). I want to run for President, you people still did not send (sic) me. But, this one scattered the Internet. It is this one that made you all to send (sic) me finally.”

Shocked by Yul’s action, one of his fans with the Instagram account, Mor4love, wrote, “You have failed us that always fight for you and brag with your name. Now, my respect for your dad has doubled. You are not like him.”

Another follower, Pweetynenny, wrote, “Second wife? After four beautiful grown-up children that your wife gave you? I am not interested in this one.”

But, yet another follower, Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, applauded Yul for his action. He wrote, “We are with you. On behalf of all the real men in Nigeria, we say we are very proud of you. As for number one (Yul’s first wife), she remains number one. To our new wife, you are welcome home.”

Meanwhile, Yul had in the past showered profuse praise on his first wife for sticking with him even when he did not have much to offer her. On their sixteenth wedding anniversary in 2021, the actor wrote on social media, “I had no sustainable job when I got married. She said she would manage. She never frustrated me for one day. It has been 16 years of marriage now. We are happy. Different things work out for different people.”

Apparently miffed by her husband’s action, May has since ‘unfollowed’ the actor on Instagram.


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