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Famous Oil Painter Mariusz Lewandowski Dies At 62


Mariusz Lewandowski is a Polish artist known for making metal document covers. His death was widely reported online. He died at the age of 62.

His family wrote on Facebook that he had passed away and that his funeral would take place on July 20 at 11 a.m. in the chapel of the funeral home in Gorowo, Poland.

Lewandowski has worked for years to make his work as emblematic and surreal as possible. He rose to fame in the metal world by creating album covers for bands like Bell Witch, Psycroptic, BEWITCHER, Abigail Williams and Atlantic Kodex.

Mariusz Lewandowski Family, Age, and Early Life

At the time of his death, Mariusz Lewandowski was 61 years old, so we think he was born in Dzialdowo, Poland, around 1960. But we canโ€™t determine when he was born because there is not much personal information about him. Live online. This makes it difficult to find any specific information about him right now.

At this time we have no further specific information about his early life. So, we wonโ€™t tell you anything about his life in depth. As we learn more about him and his life, we will change one thing about him.

What does Mariusz Lewandowski do for a living?

His work has been praised by many people all over the world. Lewandowski is considered one of the best surrealist painters in the world, as he has composed more than 30 music albums and is world-renowned for many of his paintings.

Lewandowski is best known for producing Bell Witchโ€™s album Mirror Reaper.

Where did he go to college and what did he study?

We donโ€™t know much about his educational background, as no information about his childhood or schooling has been disclosed on any relevant websites on the Internet.

Mariusz Lewandowskiโ€™s income, how did he make so much money?

At the time of writing, it is impossible to know how much money he has since no information on his income has been made public.

However, according to different sources on the internet, they believe his net worth is between $1 and $2 million. However, we do not have any strong sources of information, so if we get any reliable information about his net worth, we will change this section.

Mariusz Lewandowskiโ€™s Wife, how are he and his partner?

He appears to be married, but he hides his private life from most people. As a result, we know nothing about his wife and children.

We will make changes to this section as soon as our moderation team can find the information we need about his personal life.


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