Father József Barsi’s Account Of Murdering Judith Barsi And Her Mother

Maria Virovacz Barsi is the mother of Judith Barsi, a famous young actress who gained notoriety for her work in the 1980s. Unfortunately, Judith’s father killed them both.

Maria Virovacz and her actress daughter Judith Barsi were murdered by her husband Jozsef 34 years ago. He abused Maria and their daughter and made death threats before actually killing them.

In 1988, the event happened on this day. However, the explosion on July 27 left everyone thinking that Judith and her mother were murdered by their father. He has threatened to kill his family, which is well known.

Maria Virovacz Barsi: Who is she? Mother of Judith Barsi, who led her daughter to success

Judith Barsi is a young actress best known for The Land Before Time, her mother is Maria Virovacz.

Maria was born and raised in Hungary but left after the Soviet annexation in 1957. She moved to Los Angeles because of her love of TV, movies, and celebrities.

There, Judith Barsi’s dream came true. Maria wants her daughter to become an actress. She has been teaching her how to talk and maintain proper posture since she was a child.

Judith also had the opportunity to make an early appearance in the ad. This was the ideal way for her to start her acting career. After that, she starred in several commercials before starring in the TV series Cheers.

After her breakthrough, she went on to star in other films, including All Dogs To Heaven and Jaws: Revenge.

Why did her father kill her in the Maria Virovacz and Judith Barsi murders?

On July 25, 1988, Jozsef Barsi killed Judith and Maria Virovacz Barsi.

Many claims that Joseph was an abusive father and husband who repeatedly abused Maria and Judith. He has anger and alcohol problems.

The man also revealed to his acquaintances his desire to murder his wife. However, his friends used to use his daughter’s story to persuade him. In a recent interview, his friend Kivlen discussed the issue.

What will happen to your child if you kill her? Keefer said. József’s answer is frightening. “I wanted to kill her too,” he allegedly said, according to Keefer. He announced that he would kill his family and set their home on fire.

On July 27, 1988, a neighbor heard an explosion. Next-door neighbors are convinced the man murdered his family. However, according to sources, they were killed two days ago.

Jozsef doused everyone with kerosene before eventually committing suicide. For a long time, it was believed that Judith was the ghost of the house.

Commemorating the 34th anniversary of the death of actress Judith Barsi

She was born in Los Angeles, California on June 6, 1978.

In 1957, her parents left Hungary under Soviet rule. But they eventually met again in America and got married. Who would have thought that Maria’s spouse was her worst nightmare?

It has been 34 years since this disaster. Every year on July 25th, people pay tribute to Judith’s extraordinary acting. We hope she should be calm.

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