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Twelve strangers meet on the shore of a deserted lake in the remote Tasmanian wilderness and together they discover their challenge – to build a 330-metre bridge in only 17 days, using just their bare hands and basic tools.

Welcome to The Bridge Australia, streaming exclusively from this Friday on Paramount+.

The bridge needs to stretch from the lake’s edge to an island where a mysterious beacon guards a chest containing $250,000.

If they succeed, only one will claim the cash prize to be faced with the ultimate dilemma: keep the entire money haul for themselves or share with their fellow bridge builders.

During the 17 days, as the bridge is built, the players will see flares catapulted from their island destination at various intervals, alerting them to twists in the game and changes that can help or hinder their fellow teammates. The first to race to the flare’s landing point controls the outcome of the twist.

Can a group of strangers live together in the wild and work together to build a bridge to reach a life changing prize?

Meeting in the remote wilds of Tasmania to take on such a task are Aussies from all walks of life. Australia, meet your builders:

Hailing from Victoria is Author Allira, Marketing Consultant Georgina, Social Media Coordinator Rhiannon and Paramedic Steve.

Carpenter Bardie, Advertising Executive Elliot, Heavy Machinery Operator Jessi and Dance Choreographer Tiana all fly the flag for NSW.

From the heat of Queensland to the cold of Tasmania is Mechanic Dean, Model Maddie, Sales Director Madison, Bush Poet Mark and Life Coast Tony.

And The Bridge Australia wouldn’t be complete with local Tasmanian Adventurer Justin.

Will they succeed in their task to win the $250,000? Only time will tell. Build it together. Cross it alone.

The Bridge Australia is a physical and mental game and social experiment that will push players to their limits. Enduring extreme elements, they’ll battle power struggles, moral dilemmas and each other to build their way to the end.

Filmed against a stunning and wild Tasmanian backdrop, The Bridge Australia is the first local production for Paramount+ by Endemol Shine Australia.

Series Facts

The cabin and tool workshops took four weeks to build from the ground up in Lake Pieman, Tasmania.Due to the remote location and to maintain a sustainable focus, production had to work around the land and didn’t have access to machinery, so everything was built by hand and manual labour.The players were supplied 300 six metre logs, which was the estimated timber requirements to build over 300 metres worth of bridge rafts. This was six trucks worth of timber.The amount of timber would have been enough to fill a football field, but was stacked high and stored on a barge next to the lake.

The Bridge Australia will begin streaming on Paramount + on Friday, August 19, 2022.

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