Florida Gunman Murders Ex-GF Her Partner At Narcotics Anonymous Meet Before Killing Himself

On August 8, 2022, at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting near Daytona Beach, a man shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and her alleged partner before turning the pistol at himself, killing three. Ian Greenfield, 59, was shot dead at about 7 pm by Quinton Francis Hunter, 49, who had previously served time for unlawful shooting and possession of a weapon. Ian Greenfield is attending a rented group meeting to rehabilitate drug addicts behind 515 North Ridgewood Avenue. Hunter, also known as “Rags” on the street, allegedly took his ex-girlfriend Erica Hoffman, 33, hostage while other guests fled the venue, according to police.

According to the Daily Mail, Hunter disapproved of Hoffman’s friendship with Greenfield. The Narcotics Anonymous Conference had about 20 participants. According to Edgewater Police, South East Volusia Regional SWAT teams and negotiating teams have been mobilized to try to defuse the situation. Hunter did not respond to any attempt by a unit to contact him inside the building. Police speculate that it may be because of jealousy.

According to Greenfield’s brother, Hoffman and he supported each other in their recovery from drug addiction. “Ms. Hoffman’s ex-boyfriend is Mr. Hunter and we believe Mr. Greenfield is dating her again. We don’t know the status of something.” The police report said it was probably just a friendship.

Hunter, who has a visible claw tattoo on his face, started a Facebook live broadcast while he was trapped inside the building, according to Police Chief Joseph Mahoney, but he made no comment. Hoffman and Greenfield were both dead at the time, according to police. Mahoney said: “We tried to get in touch with the suspects to negotiate but to no avail. I’m not sure where they stand in that group because it was an anonymous meeting on narcotics,” Mahoney said.

He continued, “I’m not sure if they were there to support someone with a drug problem, or if they had a problem themselves. By the time the special forces arrived, the shooting was done. three dead, including people. Mahoney continued, “At this point, we believe this is a domestic incident with no further public danger. ”

Reporters asked police at a news conference if jealousy was a factor in the killings. Edgewater Police said: “There is clearly a possibility of jealousy; at this time, it is difficult to determine whether there was any further contact.” Large chunks of cider were torn from the door, which lay in the car park at the back door.

Men and women battling addiction can regularly attend Narcotics Anonymous sessions to share their stories and support each other in staying off drugs. Eric Lancaster, who said the shooting took place at a reception desk rented by the social services support group Bridging the Gap, described the violence as “extremely rare”. “There was nothing comparable before. They don’t disturb our space and we don’t disturb theirs,” he continued. They have rented that place for several years and there has never been any violence. ”

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