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FLX to Produce Thriller ‘An Honest Life’ Based on Joakim Zander’s Novel « CmaTrends


SF Studios-owned Swedish production banner FLX is developing a thriller feature based on Joakim Zander’s novel “An Honest Life.”

Published in April, “An Honest Life” is set at a university campus in Lund, Southern Sweden. During a violent demonstration, a young, lost law student meets a woman who introduces him to her eccentric friends. Their lives revolve around radical ideals, as well as lies. When he eventually realizes what he has become involved in, it is already too late to get out.

Filming is set to begin next fall with topnotch creators whose names will be announced at a later stage.

“Joakim Zander elegantly, intelligently, and thrillingly weaves together a diabolical heist thriller with a classic coming of age narrative,” said Anna Anthony, FLX’s head of feature film.

“I love that it is set in and around Lund University: the September light, brick walls covered in Boston ivy, infatuation, betrayal, questions of right and wrong, morals, class, and a protagonist straddling the gap between adolescence and adulthood,” added Anthony.

Astri von Arbin Ahlander, managing director at the leading Nordic literary agency Ahlander Agency, said that “after several years of TV series dominance, the pendulum is about to swing back towards feature films.” The executive described “An Honest life” as a “deeply original and particularly cinematic thriller novel.”

Zander, meanwhile, said that he shared “the same vision for this project, both in terms of story and visuals” with Anthony at FLX. “It has been clear that we I am incredibly excited to get to see An honest life come to life together with FLX. My novel could not be in better hands,” added Zander.

FLX’s credits include “The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window,” “Quicksand,” “Love & Anarchy,” “Solsidan The Movie” and “Comedy Queen.”

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