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Follow This Simple Guide To Lock Your Airtime, So It will not Be Used In Your Absence



People get into arguments, fights and even brawls over their mobile phones and the reason isn’t far fetched, if the phone isn’t damaged then its either someone used your data or airtime without your permission. Its one thing to ask nicely, and its totally another to do as you please, but to avoid getting angry or getting into fights the easy and simple thing to do is to lock your airtime, so that even if you’re not around or you are asleep if someone wants to make use of your phone, its up to you to unlock it, and monitor how they use it.

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Without further ado let’s get to the requirements.


1. Your mobile phone.

2. Airtime which you want to lock.

Alright with those in place, let’s see how to start the process.


As always head on to your mobile phone dialer

1. Once you’re there dial this USSD code *33*0000# and send. You’ll get a pop up notification like the one below

As you can see in the screenshot, the service has been enabled, so no one can use your airtime without your consent.

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Now onto phase two on how to unlock your airtime;

1. Go to your dialer and this time dial #33*0000# and send it. In a few seconds you will get a pop up notification that the service has been disabled. See it in the screenshot below;

Now, it may be a case that the people around you already know the code you use, but there is no problem because I will also show you how to change that generic code(0000) to any code of your choice.

How To Change Call Barring Code

1. Navigate to your phone/dialer

2. Dial *03*330*0000*new code. Example is *03*330*0000*2004# just like this in the screenshot below;

You’ll get a notification that your password has been changed, similar to the one below;

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