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VIDEO: Former NFL Player Brendan Langley Fight Video With Airline Worker Went Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Instagram!, #VIDEO #NFL #Player #Brendan #Langley #Fight #Video #Airline #Worker #Viral #Twitter #YouTube #Instagram Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

As per the recent reports, a very shocking video and news is coming from United airline employees. An incident from the airport took last weekend in America’s Newark airport the whole video was captured and there was the NFL player. Talking about the footage that has gone viral and comes into existence and this particular video getting a lot of attention the people when the NFL players started brawling and it shows that there was an employee of the airline whose name is TMZ. This particular footage shows that there was a person who is standing in a uniform slapped forcefully across the face of Langley. Afterward, Langley was shouting very badly at the place before he was punching him. Follow Our website CmaTrends for the latest updates!!!!!

Brendan Langley Fight Video

And he was sending him to the floor where he was badly bleeding and he was restlessly laying on the floor with blood. Workers who were standing there put their legs on his feet and then started confronting the football player This particular video shows that he was so rude to him Langley was badly yelling at him meanwhile he was crying badly so that they can stop beating him there was immense brawling noise in the background. As per the reports, Langley who is known as a receiver from Canada for Calgary Stampeders was now being arrested for this assault and the police are undergoing the process.

Former NFL Player Brendan Langley’s Fight Video With Airline Worker Viral

Looking at the footage it is not sure exactly who started the first punch and as of now the worker who is from the airline is not arrested. However, there was another video that god being viral and it is now been shared a number of times that shows that Langley was the first one to blow the punch, and now everyone has started believing that langley used a wheelchair so that he can transport his own luggage instead of giving dollar 5.

Brendan Langley: Wikipedia & Biography

Langley took his Twitter account and then he wrote that he was being an assaulted And it was a very terrifying moment for him this was the worst behavior of the United workers where he was clearly defending himself and blaming them for all the tragedy that took place there is no please for violence and if you are the one who has tolerated the violence at the airport you need to stand up and talk for yourself.

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