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Foreign Correspondent‘s Matt Davis is in Myanmar in tonight’s episode on ABC, and on Monday Four Corners will screen “Myanmar: The Forgotten Revolution,” produced for Channel 4.

On Monday Four Corners reports the inside story of a nation’s descent into a civil war largely ignored by the rest of the world.

“They are using us for target practice and torturing us.” Protester

Almost 20,000 people have reportedly been killed since the military seized power in Myanmar in February 2021. Over the past year filmmakers have worked with local journalists who have risked their lives to secretly document the army’s brutal repression. The result is a forensic investigation into the repeated use of lethal force on large numbers of peaceful protesters.

“I got quite angry, they were killing people like they kill poultry. As if it was nothing.” Protester

Despite the death toll, protesters continue to voice their opposition to the coup as growing numbers of young people leave their regular jobs to train with guerilla armies in the jungle. Four Corners goes into the jungles of Myanmar to meet these young idealistic fighters who are risking everything in the fight for their country.

“All of us, including myself, are ready to fight until our last breath.” Gen Z activist

Monday 22nd August at 8.30pm.

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