FOXTAIL PITTSBURGH Viral Video on Reddit, Twitter

The news of the other viral video is currently in the news after we just informed our readers about a se*x scand*al. People are showing interest in these videos and a keyword like “Foxtail Pittsburgh video” is currently trending. They want to know what kind of content is in this video that is causing it to gain worldwide attention and prompt searches. According to the reports, the video was taken at a bar where something inappr*opriate occurred and was recorded. Continue reading to learn more about the situation and what took place in the bar.


The south side bar decided to close its doors, according to the most recent report, after viewing the controve*rsy surrounding the video. After lewd video became widely shared online, the bar was shut down. After the video of the off*ensive act was posted online and started going viral and drawing attention within a short period of time, there were additional calls for police on the south side. The South Side of Pittsburgh bar, dubbed “Foxtail nightclub,” has reportedly closed down after Marty Griffin makes an appearance out of concern for the viral video that was shot inside the venue’s Skybar.

Skybar Nightclub Video Viral

The audience in the viral video can be seen cheering as someone is seen sticking a bottle into the woman’s geni*talia. The woman was partially naked as she lay on the ground. Following that, these videos were uploaded to the internet, where they were quickly made popular by thousands of views and comments on social media. The first time the video was posted online, the caption read “Wine Bottle in V**ina.” After watching and commenting on this lewd video, many people are shocked. How such a thing could have occurred in public places is being questioned by some.

Many people are interested in learning more about the woman in the video and the person who is putting a wine bottle in her geni*talia. The bar’s general manager issued a statement after witnessing the rampage in which she expressed her disgust at the obscene act that had taken place during the priva*te event. The county judge, Eugene Ricciardi, declared that it is urgent to close such offensive, troublesome bars, reinstate a lockdown, and restrict alcohol sales.

According to the bar manager, participants are now permanently banned from the Skybar, and a police report has been made. Although the video has been taken down from social media and an investigation is currently underway, many people are looking for the complete link to the popular video. The police will soon make some information public, after which we will update this section.

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