Foxtail Skybar nightclub Pittsburgh video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit and Youtube, South Side Bar shuts down over problematic customers >


Foxtail Skybar nightclub Pittsburgh video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube, South Side Bar shuts down over problematic customers Authorities in Pittsburgh have called a popular video an “embarrassment,” and AMPD Group has temporarily shut down its Foxtail and Skybar clubs, blaming a “problematic” clientele, according to WPXI.

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The remark was made public on Instagram by AMPD Group, which manages the venues on E Carson Street in Pittsburgh’s South Side. The action follows the release of a viral video purportedly depicting a woman engaging in obscene conduct in one of the bars.

What is known about the reports is as follows.

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Foxtail Skybar nightclub Pittsburgh video

In Pittsburgh’s South Side, AMPD Group has temporarily closed Foxtail and Skybar, blaming the decision on a “difficult” clientele.

According to a statement on Instagram, “The safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff is our number one priority.” “Foxtail/owners Skybar’s have chosen to halt activities at the venue until further notice after giving it some thought.

“The South Side’s nighttime economy business environment has declined to the point of instability, creating a difficult consumer base.”

Foxtail Skybar nightclub Pittsburgh video Leaked on Twitter

We will continue to support Mayor Gainey and the South Side Safety Initiative Plan of the Public Safety Department, the statement added. Once a solution to the problems affecting our area has been successfully adopted, we look forward to re-entering the community.

Authorities have denounced a viral video that is said to depict a lady engaging in an obscene act during one of the bar’s pool parties, according to WPXI.

Eugene Ricciardi, district judge, remarked: “That is embarrassing. In the entire country of America, that video went viral. What does it say about us that folks in Florida viewed that video?

The owner of Foxtail and Skybar, AMPD Group, has not yet responded to the video or addressed whether the reported incident occurred at the establishment.

The outlet says it contacted the business for a response.

Foxtail Skybar nightclub Pittsburgh video Viral on Reddit

Several South Side business owners expressed interest in the government establishing a curfew for minors during an online meeting.

“Why is a 16 or 17-year-old boy still on the South Side after 11 o’clock? That is mind-blowing. One company owner suggested during the meeting that because they had entered the South Side, they could go.

John Fisher, the chief of Pittsburgh’s police department, retorted, “We attempt to do that, but keep in mind I only have 15 officers down there.

“To give you an idea, I had 30 policemen working down there at this time last year. I’m only working with half presently, which means we’re short on personnel.

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