Freddy Rincon Car Accident Video Footage? Ex-Colombia Injured in Crash Images Pictures

Freddy Rincon Car Accident

An extremely saddened piece of news is reported involving Freddy Rincon. It is said that after being engaged in an automobile accident in Cali, former Colombia captain Freddy is in serious condition with significant head injuries. Following the incident with a bus at roughly 4.30 AM, four other persons in the vehicle Rincon was driving were injured. According to local authorities who are investigating CCTV footage of the crash, the bus driver was also injured. Ever since the announcement of the news, the fans of the player rushed to social media to express their concern.

Dr. Laureano Quintero of the Imbanaco Grupo Quironsalud clinic in Cali stated that the former Real Madrid and Napoli star was rushed to the hospital with a serious head injury. According to Quintero, Rincon was in intensive care for about three hours before being transferred to a very severe condition, his prognosis is reserved. On social media, Colombia’s football body, the FCF, and his former club Real Madrid expressed their support for Rincón, who is 55 years old.

According to a statement, the Colombian football federation sends all of its strength and support to former player Freddy Rincón. They wish the player a rapid recovery and pray that he will be able to overcome this difficult situation with God’s aid. All of our strength and affection for Freddy Rincón from Real Madrid following the accident he was engaged in today, the Spanish club said in a statement. They went on to express their best wishes and hope that the young player gets over this difficult time as quickly as possible.

According to the local transport undersecretary, Edwing Candelo, the collision of a truck carrying four people and a Cali bus occurred at 4:30 AM. Candelo further said that the horrifying crash resulted in five people getting injured including the bus driver. Footage of the incident has also been shared by the local media. The video shows the bus hitting the passenger side of the truck at a crossroads.

Edwing Candelo stated that the traffic light was red when the truck crossed and it is expected that the vehicles could have been speeding. While it is not disclosed who was driving the truck, the bus driver went through a breath test for alcohol. Talking about Rincon, born in the southwestern port city of Buenaventura, was known as the “Colossus” during his career. Needless to say, Edwing’s fans are worried about their favorite’s health and are wishing him a speedy recovery.

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