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Gama Pehlwan Weight Lifting Record Explained: Today very sporty news is coming. This person achieved great heights and breaks records in the Weight lifting. let us discuss this. many people are willing to know about this person. The Great Gama Pahlawan was a wrestler means (desi pehlwan). he looks like a big rock. his personality is very strong. he was very popular in the 20 century and defeats various types of wrestlers. In his life, he lost a few matches and won almost matches. he was a very demanded wrestler in the field of his community. His real name is Rustam-e-Hind .he was born in 1878 in the village of Jabbowal which is located near Amritsar. He belongs to the Kashmiri Muslim family. most of the members were in this field. He looks like a strong man but inside he loves the people and especially children and pets. a has pets in his house and all members are taking care. Follow More Updates On

Gama Pehlwan Weight Lifting Record Explained

He started his career at a very young age. when he was ten years old he fought among the 15 participants and most participants are not won. His father is a trainer.his father gave a tough and hardworking training for becoming a great man and wrestler. When he was 17 years old he challenged a Pakistan wrestler who is already famous and no one has the courage to fight him. in this match was a one won. Great Gama was awarded various types like World Heavyweight Championship and so many awards which were given to him. He spent 52 years in this field.his fans say “he is a strong competitor”.

Great Gama performed his major role in the weight lifting. In this, he lifted a 1200 kg stone. after this, he breaks all records of wrestlers and became a worldwide popular. western media covered this news on the front page of the newspaper and take a lot of interviews with Gama. Now he was popular worldwide so he went to the foreign wrestling tournaments and he won. lots of companies are tie-up a bond with her.

He was dead at the age of 82 on May 23 in 1960. recently his 144th death anniversary is celebrated on the Google search engine. Gama’s pictures and videos are very inspiring. Youngsters want to become like this and government makes his statue in the middle circle of the Road. After his death era is ending and a huge rush has been seen on the roads and his village.

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