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Generator Explosion! Do Not Ever Make These Mistakes


Generator Explosion! Do Not Ever Make These Mistakes

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A generator is a machine owned by almost every family in Nigeria, and this is due to our unstable power supply. However, there are many risks we unknowingly take, which may lead to the loss of lives and properties.

Today I will be talking about different things you should not do near a generator to avoid generator explosion.

Over the years, I am sure we are familiar with headlines and stories of how their generator killed families or how a family merely survived a generator explosion. The causes of these generator explosions are unknown to some, and this is sad.

Below are some things you should never do near your generator.

1. Do not place your phone on a generator

Some of us are familiar with this, while some of us are not. Placing the phone near the generator is dangerous, either when the generator is turned on or not, this practice should never be done. This is because a phone emits radiation, and when there is an incoming call, and the phone is on, the generator is most likely going to explode. So avoid putting your phone on your generator.

2. Do not pick a phone call near your generator, especially when it is turned on

This practice is also wrong because the radiation from the phone can cause an explosion which could lead to both losses of lives and properties.

So always make it necessary to go away from the area of your generator when making a phone call, or rather don’t take your phone close to your generator instead of taking risks.

3. Do not take a gas cylinder near your already turned on the generator

This could be the most deadly because a gas explosion and a generator explosion can cause a lot of havoc. This can cause a lot of damage because the explosion could affect the whole area, and the aftermath will be disastrous.

Always make sure you never take your cooking gas cylinder close to your generator and your generator close to your cooking gas.

Other practices that could cause a generator explosion includes

– Putting fuel inside a generator when it is turned on

– Taking fire close to a generator

– Smoking near a generator e.t.c