Georgia runoff results: Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker have one last chance to convince voters in the Senate race

Atlanta- The long-running Senate race in Georgia is giving Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker a second chance at convincing voters to send them to Washington. Still, with Congress’ electoral administration not under threat and no other candidates appearing in the polls, the runoff appears to be nothing like a standard November election.

The results of the AP VoteCast poll illustrate some of the challenges each candidate faced Tuesday. Walker should single out a Republican base that doesn’t like him, and make it happen without Gov. Brian Kemp going to the polls. Warnock has to get his coalition to get results from a handful of picky, less inclined groups.

Regardless of whether the energy in Washington is normal or not, every candidate should encourage voters.

VoteCast conducted an in-depth poll of more than 3,200 midterm voters across the state, showing views on the Warnock-Walker coalition and attitudes shaping the 12-month election. This data showcases the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate in the finals.

What’s the harm?

Fifty-four percent of midterm voters in Georgia say they see Senate election administration as a necessary challenge for them to vote in day-to-day elections. However, this is not the purpose.

Democrats toppled a Republican-held Pennsylvania Senate seat to keep their meager stake in the Senate without relying on Georgia for influence.

Overall, many supporters of each candidate were energized by the celebration and needed to be persuaded to vote a second time once they had nothing at stake.

For Walker, it’s a matter of choice, with Voronox supporters hardly more likely than Voronox to say Senate management is their top priority, 57 percent to 52 percent. If Walker wins the Senate, 50- The established order of 50 will remain, but the Democrats will retain their lead in the energy field thanks to a landmark vote by Vice President Kamala Harris.

republican assistance

Walker benefits from Georgia’s Republican leanings, but Kemp didn’t play Walker four weeks ago when they were both mains on the map. The fact that Walker’s vote total fell by more than 200,000 compared to his Republican counterparts suggests that he was gaining among Republicans for longer without Kemp.

Seven in 10 Kemp voters say they support the governor enthusiastically, while only about half of Walker voters say they support Walker enthusiastically. Among Walker’s supporters, about four in 10 said they had reservations about backing him, and about one in 10 said they were simply opposed to other candidates.

“I have some reservations, I’m not 100 percent Walker, but he’s a lot better than the Warnock we have right now,” said retired Marine Donny Richardson, who voted for Walker in Marietta last week. . “The query must be completely different.”

Warnock has more work to do in a state where Kemp defeated two-time Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams and elected statewide constitutional officials.

This is the case when Warnock may have been helped by Republicans who decided not to support Walker but confirmed votes for other Republicans during the base party conference, including their governor. Fifteen rank and file Republicans and liberal Republicans again Warnock. Eleven percent of Kemp voters backed Warnock or another candidate, including liberal Chase Oliver, while just 3 percent of Abrams voters opposed Warnock.


In last month’s election, Warnock and Walker amassed familiar Democratic and Republican constituencies, respectively. Still, there are signs Walker is underperforming his Republican rival, Kemp, among groups critical to the governor’s success, including white voters and people in small cities and rural areas. College-educated men and non-college-educated women were evenly matched in the Senate race, but each group picked Kemp in the gubernatorial race.

A majority of white Protestant voters supported the Republican candidate in every race, but Kemp outperformed Walker.

Warnock has the majority support of young voters, black voters, women, university graduates and suburbanites. Warnock also secured around two-thirds of the ideological vote.

character and integrity

The final part of the marketing campaign is each candidate’s scathing insult to the character and integrity of their competitor. Voters were generally more skeptical of Walker than of Warnock, though neither candidate got the right score.

Fifty-six percent of Georgia voters said the incumbent senator “has the best track record of making money in the workplace,” while 39 percent said Walker, also a political novice in his mid-60s.

“I don’t think Herschel Walker is capable, and Raphael Warnock has more experience, and I think he’ll get the job done,” said Lolita Baylor, a JCPenney government aide who lives in Morrow. She voted for Warnock.

Voters were more likely than Walker to say Warnock had strong moral values, 53 percent to 43 percent.

Such criticism of Walker hasn’t stopped some voters from backing his main force, though it could hurt his assists in the runoff. A third of his personal supporters say he doesn’t have the best experience, and a quarter say he lacks strong moral values.

Trump lingers

Walker secured the presidential nomination with the help of former President Donald Trump, but that could hinder his success among rank-and-file voters in many states.

Biden’s narrow victory in the state in 2020 prompted Trump to falsely declare the election results were rigged, saying Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensburg “discovered” the votes should have gone to Trump . Voters in Georgia re-elected Kemp and Raffensperger despite Trump’s attempts to canvass multiple candidates.

Although Walker overwhelmingly won midterm “MAGA” voters — those who say they support “Make America Great Again” initiatives — 43 percent of voters said Walker was too supportive of Trump last month. Few said Kemp or Ravensburg were too pro-Trump, but almost none said they were not.

“He’s not a politician,” Walker’s Kat Shreve said. Marietta’s nonprofit director helps Warnock. She called Walker a “puppet of the Trump administration.”

16% of Republican voters who are not positive MAGA supporters usually support Warnock.

Even if Trump isn’t as attractive as he once was, Walker’s disapproval of his opponent is enough to bring voters back to the polls.

Overall, only about half of Walker voters said their vote should mean supporting Trump, but many more — about three-quarters — said their vote was for President Joe Biden . Throughout the marketing campaign, Walker has been emphasizing Warnock’s relationship with the president.

“Let’s just say he’s a lot taller than the Bidens. It’s Warnock. “Okay, sir, Mr. Biden,” said Walker’s retired voter, Jim Corridor. “.


Fingerhut reported from Washington.

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Georgia runoff results: Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker may finally convince voters in Senate race

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