Gil Hodges daughter delivers a moving remark at the Baseball

Gil Hodges’ daughter delivers a moving remark at the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. NY’s Cooperstown With seven new students joining the class of 2022, there were a lot of people on the stage as well as among the fans and family present. An emotional release occurred. The Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony this year. Follow For More Updates at

To honor former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, thousands of Boston and Dominican fans raised a flag. Numerous events were held in honor of the late Tony Oliva and Jim Kaat, the legendary Cuban duo Oliva and Minnie Miso, and the founding members of the Negro League, Buck O’Neil and Bud Fowler.

None of the moving speeches delivered on Sunday at the Clark Sports Center, however, were more motivational or motivating than the daughter of Gil Hodges’. Since his passing in 1972 at the age of 47, the renowned first baseman of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the family of the Mets manager, who won the World Series in 1969, have been waiting for more than 50 years.

Like her father frequently did while summarising her journey, Eileen Hodge smacked one out of the park. Irene Hodges spoke for almost fifteen minutes, stating, “My dad was a very humble man, but he’s really proud to have the best baseball here. spoken during the speech. “Not only did the Mets and Dodgers lose one of their idols fifty years ago, but also their father and spouse.

“The existence of our father is our greatest gift. Even though it was brief, the folks in his immediate vicinity were affected. Jackie Robinson, a teammate of his, famously said: “Life is not worthwhile until it has an impact on others.” His father sincerely held to this belief and led a life that benefited others.

Of course, Hodges’s daughter Everyone was reminded of his incredible playing career, which included winning the World Series with the Dodgers in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles in 1955. (1959). She emphasized that she finished with 370 home runs across 17 seasons with the Dodgers and the 1962 Extended Mets, leading all major league first basemen in home runs, RBIs, runs, hits, and games in the 1950s.

Irene Hodges continued, “You may also hear how the team known as the loving loser changed into the Miracle Mets in just two seasons. the mission of her father, who led the Mets from 1968 to 1972. But I’m here to tell you about the man he was in because I’m his daughter.

During World War II, Hodges’ daughter was a child. He spoke persuasively about his 1943 Dodgers appearance before enlisting in the Marines, fighting in the Battle of Okinawa, and earning a Bronze Star and a battle medal. For the brave hero in peril. She recalled hugging Robinson, a teammate from her rookie year of 1947 when her father and other Marines returned to Brooklyn after teaching Japanese youngsters how to play baseball. rice paddies

According to Eileen Hodges, her father prioritized supporting Jackie wholeheartedly. “Like Robinson’s family, we were close. We played at their house, and Jackie’s children played at ours. My father and Jackie were merely teammates. They were a family instead. When Jackie arrived in the Big League, my father made him feel welcome and at ease.”

Hodges was in the second portion of spring training in 1972, less than three years after taking over as manager of the Mets in 1969 and winning the World Series. had a heart attack and died. Exactly two days after turning 48. Eileen said that Robinson “cried excessively” at Hodges’ funeral, but he passed away only six months later.

Gil Hodges daughter delivers a moving remark at the Baseball GettyImages 1410696018 1 e1658714641439 1024x706

After numerous Hall of Fame, hiyari hats, and fifty years have gone, the family is able to witness the Hodges widow (95-year-old Joan Hodges) attending the ceremony on Sunday. I was ecstatic. if she wasn’t able to go to the festival.

Irene Hodges stated, “Today I am extremely thrilled with her mother. “I broke down in tears when I received a call from the Hall of Fame, possibly just as much as when I lost my father. I was extremely content with him, and my 95-year-old mother learned of this. In fact, I was glad I could do it. Today, my mother is watching from our Brooklyn home.”

Irene Hodges was dying of her father when she managed to hold back her tears. With a standing ovation, he declared that he was sure he was grinning from above with his sister Barbara. She is aware that she will be joining Tom Seaver for the Boys of Summer celebration.

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