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Beloved comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who died Tuesday, was as well known for his edgy and irreverent comedy routines as he was for lending his distinctive voice to family films like “Aladdin.” Some would call his humor tasteless, others wildly offensive but that was just the way his mind worked, the comedian said in “The Aristocrats” documentary.

His most famous joke was undoubtedly the Aristocrats, and his priceless rendition of the joke was included in documentary of the same name in which 100 comedians told the same filthy tale. He didn’t write the joke, but his version, which he first told after bombing a 9/11 joke at Hugh Hefner’s roast, is known as one of the “grossest and most wide-reaching” renditions, wrote Vulture.

Here are some of the funniest and filthiest routines from Gottfried’s career.

Hollywood Squares

His appearance on the “Hollywood Squares” gameshow, since it was on broadcast TV, was one of the few that isn’t guaranteed to offend someone, somewhere. Though it’s mildly risque, it’s mainly notable for Gottfried yelling “you fool!” along with Penn and Teller whenever a contestant makes a mistake.

The Aristocrats

Here are two takes on what’s known among comedians as the greatest joke of all time. Gottfried appeared at the Friar’s Roast of Hugh Hefner which filmed soon after the tragedy of 9/11. Comedian after comedian got up on stage, pulling their punches at an event that was notorious for being anything but restrained. After a few attempts to make light of a horrific situation, Gottfried went all in. His joke flopped, guests booed and some even yelled “too soon!”

In response, Gottfried went back to his roots. Pivoting fast he went on to tell the dirtiest version of the Aristocrats Hollywood has ever heard, stopping only to threaten to tell the whole joke over when interrupted.


Fifty Shades of Grey

Whose voice would you least like to hear read the steamy experiences of a sexually experimenting woman in erotic bestseller “Fifty Shades”? Gottfried’s rasp is sure to kill any amorous desires, but it will also kill you with laughter.

Pamela Anderson’s One Wish on David Hasselhoff’s Roast

Gottfried predicts what Pam would wish for if she only got one wish.

The Joke That Got Him In Trouble at the Emmys

A few months after Paul Reubens was charged for exposure, Gottfried came out at the 1991 Emmys and lobbed a ton of masturbation jokes at the audience. The crowd loved it, the network and Emmy officials were furious. They later censored his speech on the West Coast feed.

Voicing The Members of Parliament

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” was prohibited from using parliamentary footage, so instead they hired Gottfried to read Brexit legalese and Bigfoot erotica…. “Stick around till he gets to the erotica,” the show tweeted today in remembrance. 

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