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Young lady with trout videoTasmania Police are cautioning the public that anybody found having or disseminating the video which shows a couple playing out a live sex act with a fish in Tasmania could have to deal with criminal penalties.The video being referred to portrays a man and lady participating in the follow up on a boat, with the man utilizing a live trout to play out a sex follow up on the woman.The couple’s conduct has been generally denounced via virtual entertainment, with many communicating disdain at their activities.Notwithstanding the video including the fish, police are likewise researching one more video that surfaced via virtual entertainment showing a similar couple taking part in sexual movement on the grave of a prestigious Australian craftsman.The grave, situated at St Imprint’s Anglican Burial ground in Cressy close to Launceston, has a place with David Hammond Chapman, a painter known for his scene work.Tasmania Police have affirmed that they know about the two recordings and are following a particular line of enquiry. Watch Full Video ⤵️

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