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God Gave Me Many Powers, I Can Enter Someone’s House Without Opening The Door –Sunday Igboho (Video)


God Gave Me Many Powers, and I Can Enter Someone’s House Without Opening The Door –Sunday Igboho (Video)

Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Igboho, was invited to a live discussion on Facebook by his spokesperson, Olayomi Koiki, around 9 pm, Saturday. Sunday Igboho has not been active for almost 6 weeks now, and during that period, so many narratives have been flying around about him. He has finally decided to address some of those issues and clear people’s misconceptions.

Sunday, Adeyemo started by paying tributes to all traditional rulers in Yorubaland. He also paid tribute to Professor Akintoye, Olusegun Obasanjo, Gani Adams. Sunday Igboho said that he had heard so many rumors like ‘Sunday Igboho has gone missing,’ ‘Sunday Igboho has run away, but he has now refuted all these rumors.

Sunday, Igboho says that the people lurking around his residence trying to abduct him are only wasting their time because he is too powerful to be tamed. ‘The Yorubas who know what I am capable of know that I have not started fighting yet. God gave me many powers. I have the power to enter someone’s house without opening the door. I have it. I inherited it from my father. I got all my powers from my Father and I have not fought anyone. What I am saying is that all Fulani should leave Yorubaland’

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He added that ‘there are a lot of people (traditional rulers) supporting me. I just don’t want to mention names. Look at my uncle, Fani Kayode, he is gallantly behind me! I don’t care about how you people feel about him. He always supports me. He told me that I should not be afraid and whenever I get summoned to any meeting, I should call on him, he will come for me…’ Sunday Igboho says he fully trusts Femi Fani Kayode because he always stands up for him.

Sunday, Igboho also addressed rumors of collecting money from Atiku Abubakar. He says, ‘Some people also said I collected money from Atiku. Atiku, come out publicly and confirm if you gave me any money. If he can’t understand Yoruba, someone will interpret it for you. If I have ever seen Atiku in my life, God will judge me. If I have ever collected money from Atiku or any politician I refuse to talk about, God will judge me. However, he discloses that some Yoruba persons are actually donating money to help him.

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He also addresses rumors that he used gofundme to buy his luxurious cars, precisely his Prado. Sunday Igboho also debunks this claim. He said that he bought his Prado for 65 million in 2020 to celebrate December, and he did not collect the money from anybody. He said he has more expensive cars apart from the Prado in his car park. He said he has G-wagon, GLE 450, and many others. He also bought several brand new buses that cost 17 million each last year.

Finally, he said he is ready to personally go after the bandits to flush them out from their hideouts inside the bush. He said he would start the raid on Monday, and he already has all the resources that he needs. Sunday, Igboho said no amount of money could stop him from his agitation. He said he couldn’t be killed or tamed.

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