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60 Minutes Johnson College Prep: Recently the news of charity is hitting the rights of charity in the world and news gets viral as it is benefiting many, in a speech of johnson college about comprising support the student’s education for college for those who can not afford to provide the fee for there education after primary education, the news is coming fro Chicago based public school which called itself as johnson college. and so is believed by the students studying there.  the presentation follows the admiration of the ambition of this inter-city public high  school in Chicago city, Follow More Updates On CmaTrends.com

60 Minutes Johnson College Prep

The prep is as students of Chicago are working hard and got selected for college to pursue further education, but some of it students are unable to provide for the fee to pay the college and this is the time when the students are hoping for a miracle to come and fund their education so the can join there future with success, and miracle named as hope Chicago arrived, the johnson college comprises nearly 500 students and welcoming everyone coming seeking education, the principle of school Johson college said here we educate the students whose family earns $25000 a year, and 40% of students of school senior class are accused in gun violence and their family is bearing trauma because they have to stop there study in lack of funding and get in bad company.

60 Minutes Johnson College Prep Explained

But opportunity knocked on the door now, in name of Pete Kadens, a multi-billionaire guy who describes himself as he got lucky to win a birth and education, and he thinks he wants to help the others looking for an opportunity to be lucky. Pete Kadens is a successful man who quit working as an employee and started five companies in different business fields, he is leading the cannabis growing company, and finds himself guilty of the sufferings of others.

As he feels that being a very rich country there is no program helping its children to get educated, and helping to his guild he said that able to send a single student to college will be his part reducing his guilt, and saying it is very difficult for a minority of financially weaker section student to fund his education,  as education in college is very expensive.

College fees beneficiaries’ families will be seen by the Johnas cleaves personally and he motivated students who are struggling to keep on fighting and staying in the fight is the best they can do to support themself. Pete Kadens says Hope Chicago will pay tuition for students as a kindness act for the Chicago high school and also include four more schools of the same kind he claims that by the end of this decade he will be helping 30000 students.

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