Grace season 2, episode 2 ending explained

Roy Grace Not Dead Enough ITV

Roy Grace Not Dead Enough ITV: Grace season 2, episode 2 ending explained: Hey entertainment lovers, if you are looking to know the explanation of the ending of the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of Grace, then you are on the right page. On this page, we will find the answer to “Who killed Katya Bishop?” But remember this article contains spoilers for Grace season 2 episode 2, Not Dead Enough. So, look at it here and read it from its start to end so that you can not miss out on any information. Follow More Update On

Roy Grace Not Dead Enough ITV

Grace had a lot on his in the episode of this week of the ITV detective drama not only was he probing the killing of a wealthy socialite, but there was also an opportunity at romance on the cards with mortician Cleo. The duo met at the starting of the episode and fastly struck up a link, in the spite of his hang-ups of Grace around the vanishing of his wife. In the meantime the case turned out to be a real head-scratcher, with prime suspect Kit Bishop, the husband of the victim, coming up to have been in numerous places at once.

Grace season 2, episode 2 ending explained

Did Kit Bishop murder his wife?

The episode begins with a young couple alerting Grace to a body washed up on the beach, who turns out to be of the police department’s own, Julia Abbott. In the meantime, Katya, the richest socialite wedded to Kit Bishop of Arthur Darvill, is also discovered assassinated. Bishop asserts to have been in London all night and was recognized there, but all the other proof points to his engagement.

Throughout the episode, it is disclosed that not only was Kit seemingly having an affair with a young lady named Sophie Carrington, and sleeping with her the night prior to the body of Katya being discovered, but Katya was also having an affair with artist Barty Chancellor. Bishop is also discovered to have taken out a life insurance policy for his spouse for £4 million, something he rejects.

When Sophie is discovered dead in similar circumstances to Katya, and the violent criminal record of the Bishop is found (again, which he rejects), there would look to be no doubt that he must have been the killer, in the spite of the looking impossibility of him being in several places at once.

It turns out that Bishop, who was adopted, was actually, unknowingly, one of the sets of the identical triplets! One of the 3 passed away, while Kit was adopted into a wealthy family and lived a life of privilage.

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