Grand Rapids news video leaked twitter, The video in the fatal shooting of Patrick Lyoya

The Grand Rapids Police Department said it would release video showing one of its officers shooting and killing Patrick Lyoya, a 26-year-old black man, during a standoff with police earlier this month.

The shooting took place in Grand Rapids on April 4. At the time, Grand Rapids police said Lyoya was shot and killed after trying to flee an officer because he feared arrest, leading to a “protracted” fight. The official’s name was not released.

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In a statement Tuesday, Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom said the department will release multiple video feeds during a live news conference Wednesday at 3 p.m. — We will be broadcasting the event live in the video player above or on your TV using Local 4+ (🚨🚨 Attention to Live Viewers: Police video will contain graphic images that cause loss of life, eg: as well as graphic language. Recommended Viewer discretion 🚨🚨)

“Before releasing the video captured by body cameras, dash cams, cell phones and home surveillance systems, I will hold a press conference to provide more context to the video, provide updates and explain next steps in the investigation process,” Wen said. Strom explained. “The release of the video will ensure that the integrity of the investigation is protected to maintain justice and accountability,” Winstrom added.

Michigan State Police and the Kent County Attorney’s Office are investigating the incident, but a decision on possible charges is not expected this week. Kent County Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Stephen Cohle said he completed an autopsy on the day of Lyoya’s death, but toxicology results have not been released. He said the full report would not be released until state police completed their investigation.

Protests around the shooting have unfolded near Grand Rapids over the past week, with faith leaders calling for peace and justice ahead of the release of the video.

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