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Groovy Cuddle Goes Viral On Twitter On Friday Night


A huge amount of amazing material is going viral online and getting people’s attention.

There are currently two names that are quickly going viral and attracting attention online. Phyna and Groovy, the two Big Brother Naija contestants, were seen during an impassioned match on Friday night while they were both covered. Individuals focus on hugs.

According to reports, most viewers expressed outrage after learning that Beauty would be canceled within a week due to bullying and violence. Remember, seeing Groovy’s miracles get a double whammy by throwing wigs and glasses at him for dancing with another roommate, Chomzy.

This moment is amazing. She was acting hostile at the time, and everyone else was watching her closely. I still need to tell you a few things about the material you’ll find in the next part of this article.

Also, after a heated argument that night, she broke up with Groovy. Not only that, but Phyna gets into an argument with Phyna for not being on her side in Groovy’s fight. On social media, the argument was debated and people were talking about it. They are forced to know what happened and why the hug happened. Because people are struggling to find information, some websites are protecting the issue. There are still many issues to discuss as you will see in the next part of this article.

Also, when news circulated online that Phyna and Groovy had a strong hug on Friday night. Ever since it started circulating online, people have been keen to learn more about this information. This snuggling has become a contentious issue on social media. The photos they showed were taken during their event.


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