Hannah Montana Casting Director Reveals Runner Up Stars

What if the role of Hannah Montana went to another star?

That’s the question Disney fans are asking after discovering a must-see TikTok from the show’s casting director.

Back in 2006, Miley Cyrus won over the hearts of many as she made her debut as the titular character in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. Although much has changed since she first put on that blonde wig, the dedication from Hannah Montana’s fanbase has not. So when a TikTok went viral this week claiming that the Spanish-Mexican singer Belinda almost got the role, the original casting director of the series stepped in with a video of her own to set the record straight. 

“I discovered Miley Cyrus,” Lisa London said in an Aug. 17 TikTok. “I wanted to let everyone know that Belinda, who is lovely by the way, was never in the top three for the role of Hannah.”

Showing a photo of a piece of paper dated May 6, 2005 with Miley’s name next to Taylor Momsen and Daniella Monet, Lisa added, “These were the final three actresses that auditioned at the network test out of over 1200 girls.”

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