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Harmful Puffs: What You Probably Didn’t Know About Ventolin in Asthma



You probably have a relative or friend who keeps a Ventolin inhaler at their bags or pouches. You also may have witnessed a stranger in a bus or public place whip out those inhalers when they start wheezing or develop breathing problems. Or rather, you have been the caretaker of the person using the inhaler because of age or other problems that make them unable to use the Ventolin inhaler well.

Perhaps you have asked yourself, how many of those puffs are enough? This question is very important because as you are aware, Ventolin is a drug and is not entirely free from harmful properties that can harm your body. That is why you are often told that your body will only need up to a certain amount of the puffs in a day.

The reason you are told to limit those puffs is because the drug in the inhaler that makes you better can also cause harm to you body. That drug is called salbutamol, and it works by ensuring that your lungs stay open to allow you breathe normally.

In a day, the maximum number of puffs that your body can take is 12 puffs a day. That means that if you go beyond 12 puffs, then salbutamol may harm you. According to researchers, more puffs of Ventolin can affect your heart your heart. That is why you have o be careful to stick to what your pharmacist tells you about those puffs of Ventolin in asthma.