HASHINI SILVA VIDEO Viral & Leaked Scandal Trending On Social Media, Reddit & Twitter, MMS Link!

Hashini Silva a radio personality has become the search subject for many. Hashini apart from being a radio personality is also very comfortable in front of the camera and has a passion for singing and dancing as well. Hashini is getting the limelight because of a video of hers that is leaked on the internet and is been shared on larger scales. This article will help you in knowing more about what happened with the girl. According to the video that has been leaked the girl is just in her 20s, but she is also a mom. Yes, the girl is the parent to a child. She is a normal girl who comes from south India and has become a part of Y FM radio, with her hard work and struggles. The video has made the girl a subject of trolling and roast, also she is getting hate comments for her video has been leaked. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Hashini Silva?

Though any of her social media is not found yet, she might have been on the internet under any hidden or private user name. The young woman is continuously getting bashed and hate comments for the video. Speaking of which, the video that has been leaked is private and her private parts are been displayed in the video. The person who leaked it has not been recognized yet, but the video released has been circulated all over the internet and Netizens left no chance to troll her. The video has now reached many platforms, and it might be affecting the personal life of Hashini. The video has showcased her in a private situation where other people were, including a man and a woman whose identity is still unknown were witnessed.

Hashini Silva Video Viral & Leaked Scandal


In the video, her private areas including her chest were also showcased. Hashini has kept her life private from all the attention-seeking media and Netizens. She also has a child, whom she has to take care of. Her child might get bullied or get harassed for the thing that happened with his/her mother. Chances are there that the video might be exposed to her child. Though the video is been removed, as the internet is deeper than an ocean.

The video is still getting circulated on the internet and might get more shares, if not taken under legal action. Hashini graduated in mass media communication and has now joined her dream career of being a part of a radio station. The video might be a downfall in her career and her life as well. There is a Twitter handle under her name but there is no detail that the page is of Hashini herself.

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