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HBCU Grads Talk Classic Sitcoms On ”Adult ‘Hood’ Podcast, Ep 3


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Alejandro and Lexi with the Curls return with nostalgic shenanigans—this time, a reflection on the classic ’90s sitcoms that still dominate today.

From “Undercover in New York” to “Martin,” this pair of lifelong TV fans reminisce about the shows they still love nearly three years later.

In the 6-episode show (produced by Cam P), Alejandro (expected 1983) and Lexi (expected 1984) will talk candidly about dating (almost 40), navigating in the entertainment industry, dealing with 30 Anxiety of the late 1990s, and more.

They’ll also interview 90s icons, delve into taboo topics, highlight important movies/shows to watch, and possibly hook up with celebrity crushes such as Master P and Countess Vaughan.

Born and raised in Hampton, Virginia, Lexi is an Instagram Stories expert, travel-loving influencer, Mercury Retrograde survivor, and Gemini-Cancer who loves good murder mysteries, classic ’90s sitcoms, and “90 Day Fiancée” “marathon.

The other-worldly son of Trick Daddy and Rachel True, Alejandro is a nostalgic pop culture lover, nerdy woman with a penchant for trap music, a thick aunt who swings to Frankie Beverly, and a crab who used to eat lemon pepper wings with Andre 3000 leg.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, he was a Publix-loving dreamer who developed his old soul by watching “Matlock”, “Night Heat” and “Moved by Angels” with his grandmother.

Together they are a dynamic duo who hope to one day stop people from pronouncing the “L” in salmon.

Check out the third episode below (and subscribe!):

For more information on “Adult” Hoods: A Podcast on Older Millennials, click here


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