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He has finally Explains How He meet a Spiritualist Who Helped Him To Overcome The Spirit Of down fall In business


Ejiofor a businessman based in Onitsha has revealed how a spiritualist helped him to overcome the spirit of bad luck in his life after several years of struggle in bad luck.

According to this business man, Ejiofor Dike; everything about him since his early age had always turned to bad luck until he met a powerful spiritualist, Dr. Kenneth of Imo state.

Even where the least successful person succeeds, Ejiofor has always been a failure. Sometimes his bad luck would even affect those around him.
Initially, Ejiofor thought that the reason he was not succeeding was because he hadn’t found his area of success.

But he became much worried and concerned about the situation when it seemed that he had tried almost every Endeavour especially in the business field, yet all were full of bad luck.

The last challenge that prompted him into finding his way out was when a strange fire consumed his shop within a few months that he started the business.
This shop was what he borrowed money from his age grade to establish, possibly to know if he can become up to anything..
But unfortunately, the shop got burnt after three months.

The most confusing part was that, among all the shops around, it was only his shop that got burnt by a strange fire.
Then he was compelled to find his way out.

In the course of looking for causes, he met a good friend who introduced him to this powerful and popular spiritualist, Dr. Ohanu of Imo State who later wiped his tears as regards to bad luck in his life.
Ejiofor thought someone else was responsible for his mishaps; but after visiting Dr Ohanu, it was revealed to him that his bad luck was just natural, from an evil spirit linked to his family, and needed spiritual attention.
But the major testimony was that ever since Ejiofor visited ohanu’s temple, he has been succeeding more than anyone’s imagination.
Currently, Ejiofor is a multi business owner with countless number of businesses across many states in Nigeria.

He has actually said bye-bye to bad luck, no more bad luck in his life.

He then understood the essence of having a spiritual backup!

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