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He is used to playing with bees but this time they played him



Bees can sting and in a painful way and some people react differently to a bee sting for example accoding to me, if only one bee can sting me, my whole body become itchy and from there i must take a bath or get this tablet called Allegex that will help especially if you have been in contact with something that you are allegic to.

So accoding to social media Facebook where this pictures are shared, it’s alleged that this guy is known for playing with the bees in his farm and they never sting him.

Accoding to the post it’s alleged that on the picture of that person covered in bees, that’s him he’s got no fear for the as you can see the screenshot taken from the post.

But it seems like on this day, these bees had other plans as they stung him as you can see how his lips look, that’s the way his body react to a bee sting as i said we all have different way that our body react to bee sting.

In my opinion now his mouth looks like a chakalaka word not yet cooked, this bees on this day, they decided to play him. Be warned bees can kill a filly grown man.

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