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Health benefits of onions and cold water you never knew about.



All vegetables are beneficial to the body system.

However onions is known for it anti-bacteria content, it helps the cell and body system in multiple ways.

Benefit of onions to the Body.

1. It helps the immune system.

2. It helps fight against eye related problems.

3. It benefit the heart keeping it healthy.

4. Loaded with antioxidants.

5. Contains cancer fighting compounds.

6. Helps in controlling of blood sugar.

7. It boost the digestive system.

8. Improve the skin and assist with shedding compounds.

9. Helps burn Belle fat.

Onions is a vital vegetable that needs to be added to our diet on daily basis.

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How to make onions water for a healthy Body…

1. Rinse five(5) onions bulbs.

2. Cut into bits and afterwards put in a container or cup.

3. Pour cold water into it.

4. Leave it open in a safe place away from open air till the next day.

5. Drink before breakfast and before sleeping in the night.

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