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Here Are 3 Benefits Of Drinking Bitter Leaf Juice On A Daily Basis


In Nigeria, it is called ‘Bitter Leaf’, but the botanical name of this popular and highly nutritive herb is Vernonia Amygladinia.

Some people make use of this herb to cook bitter leaf soup, however, it is most potent when eaten raw, as heat reduces the nutritive value of most herbs.

Here are some health benefits of drinking bitter leaf:

1. It Helps To Maintain A Healthy Blood Sugar:

Diabetes is a body disorder caused by excess glucose in the bloodstream. The intake of bitter leaf juice will cause the body cells and organs to make use of more glucose, hence, reducing the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. This leads to a healthy sugar level, lowering the risk of heart and kidney complications.

Bitter leaf juice is highly recommended for diabetics and people who are at the risk of having a raised blood sugar.

2. Bitterleaf Juice Aids Movement Of The Bowels:

The intake of bitter leaf juice will help you to move your bowels with ease, hence, people who suffer from constipation are advised to take a glass of bitter leaf juice on a daily basis.

3. Detoxification:

Bitter leaf juice can be used as a detoxifier as it is known to remove waste from the liver(lipids) and the kidney. People suffering from kidney stones are advised to drink at least, one glass of bitter leaf juice a day.

Preparation Process:

-Select fresh Bitterleafs.

– Soak the leaves in hot or cold water.

– Squeeze the leaves to get the dark green-colored juice.